Earthlight Arcade

By Opaque Space

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Description: In Earthlight:Arcade you play as Ana, who will be performing the seventy-sixth space walk on the International Space Station. The game gives players an authentic experience of space, immersing them in the tasks performed on the ISS, thousands of kilometer above earth.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game demonstrates real tasks that Astronauts perform while on the ISS. The player is taught how movement in zero gravity feels, how an EVA walk is performed, what it’s like to be in a real astronaut suit, working on the ISS and the Canadarm, using official NASA tools such as the pistol grip tool and documenting in space using a camera. Some other skills and ideas taught are already mentioned in the goals of the game in question 15 – to avoid repetition.

Goal or Challenge: One of our main goals is to use Earthlight as a means for training real astronauts. Aside from that, our other goals are to bring the experience of being a real astronaut into people’s homes and into arcades as the game is authentic and created in collaboration with NASA. Only 556 people have ever experienced human space flight and that’s what we’re able to let people experience within our game.We also demonstrate the overview effect as a part of the other 2 goals, exploring the condition that astronauts report when they see earth from orbit for the first time; giving our players the same feeling of being connected to all of humanity and feeling kind and holistic about it.

Primary Audience: The primary audience is astronauts for official training of human space flight and an ISS space walk and for consumers as a human space flight experience.

Assessment Approach: The game instructs the player to perform tasks and progression is only possible once a task is learned and executed, as it follows a procedure guided by mission control (voice over in the game). Mission control and UX elements provide guidance as to how to proceed.

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Operating System: Windows 10, 64 bit

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Virtual reality headset, HTC Vive