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2012 Best Mobile Game Winner


Skills and Ideas Taught:  The pedagogical goal of the game is to be able to solve basic algebraic equations, with no prerequisites.Independent tests done in three different schools in Norway shows that 30 % of the kids are able to solve equations only after one hour of playing the game, and that after two hours of playing the game, more than 80 % are able to solve equations

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is to make kids learn to solve equations without kids realizing that they are learning mathematics The challenge in the game is to help the dragons grow.

Primary Audience:  The primary audience is kids from 6 to 12 years old. We do see that kids from down to 2 years and grandparents up to 75 years old are embracing the game.

Assessment Approach: It is measured as which level the players reach. A player who can solve all 200 equations is without a doubt proficient in basic algebra thinking.

Description: DragonBox is a first-of-a-kind math game where kids are learning to solve equations without even knowing that they are learning math. After two hours of playing the game, more than 80 % of the kids are able to solve equations•The game become the number one sold app in any category on Apple App Store when it was launched in Norway in May kicking out games like Angry Birds. DragonBox has captured the essence of equation solving. The beauty of mathematics is that it is a game with symbols. The symbols themselves are irrelevant, but the fact that they are traditionally denoted by x or y puts off many people. Denoting them by boxes or dragons does not change the game, but makes it more attractive and more transparent.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System: iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows

Platform:  PC & Mobile

Special Hardware:  None