DimensionM 2009

By Tabula Digita


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2009 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught: Variety of math topics.

Goal or Challenge:  Players are challenged with a mixture of math questions and game mechanics.

Primary Audience:  Students in grades 3-12.

Assessment Approach:  Players move ahead and ultimately win the game by successfully navigating through numerous mathematical obstacles, and competing with their fellow students to score the most points.

Description:  DimensionM is an immersive video game world that engages students in learning and applying key math and algebraic concepts. The instructional software offers customizable avatars in a series of first-person action adventure ‘missions’ or lessons that introduce and reinforce over 200 math skills with award-winning 3D graphics, sound, animation and storylines.

Game Engine: DirectX 9

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None