Crowd Disaster

Category: Business

Company: University of Applied Science Trier

Description: Crowd Disaster is a game about evacuation dynamics where the player must make places safer.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The objective of the game is to show fundamental aspects of crowd behavior and accidents. The game bride builder inspires the structure of this game. In different given scenarios, the player must place new walls to prevent accidents and enable fast evacuations. The set contains other scenes with varying requirements for the player. To complete a level, the player must meet specific minimal objectives. There are two different types of scenarios. In the first type, a room is filled with a certain number of people that must be evacuated. Evacuation must happen in a specific amount of time, eventually without surpassing a maximum accident probability. The second type of scenario contains a continuous influx of people. In this scenario, the player must not exceed a certain amount of people present in the room..

Goal: The player has to make constructive changes to a floor plan to optimize different objectives depending on the scenario. For example, in one category, the player must evacuate an area in a certain amount of time. On the other hand, there is a constant influx of people in the second category, and the player has to pay attention that the location does not get overcrowded. Orthogonally towards that distinction is the different optimization objective of evacuation time and maximum crowd pressure reached.

Primary Audience: Adult learners interested in understanding crowd dynamics and related disasters.

Assessment Approach: The game provides detailed measurements of the relevant quantities like crowd pressure, people contained, and time. Additionally, visualization methods are provided with which the player can observe the development of the situation in different spaces. Finally, the resulting relevant values are ranked in the end. The player can experiment with different construction changes in different situations. During the level simulation, we visualize the relevant criteria with the map and the different gauges. The critical values also get mapped to the playback speed of the background music. Afterward, the level is judged as succeeded or failed. The best solutions get ranked in a high score list, including a picture of the solution that has been chosen.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10