Category: Government

Company: Education, Youth and Culture Department – Etat de Vaud- Switzerland

Description: CoronaQuest is a learning game which helps inform students of protective and hygiene measures and actions that can help make return to school less stressful and safer for students.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Learners are taught skills to help them return to school safely, learn effective hygiene skills, and build social and emotional learning skills.

Goal: Learners play cards which are counterattacks (or solutions) to the challenge cards played by their competitor, the Coronavirus, which is the computer player. The cards the learner can play counter the direct effects of the COVID-19 such as illness, symptoms, even grief or side or subsequent effects such as unemployment, loneliness, sadness, lack of social contacts, boredom and many more.

Primary Audience: Learners ages 4 and up.

Assessment Approach: Learners are given a score when they play the “perfect counter attack” they use against each offensive card played by the Coronavirus.

Game Engine: HTML5

Operating System: Web/iOS