Conspiracy Code

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2009 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught: Conspiracy Code presents a full course of high school American history primarily focused on post-Reconstruction era.

Goal or Challenge:  Players are challenged with clue collection where they must find and retrieve hidden educational articles scattered throughout the game’s environments while avoiding enemy agents and well-meaning security guards.

Primary Audience:  High school students.

Assessment Approach:  Discussion-based assessments, in which a teacher directly calls a student to review course material and assignments, occur at the end of every mission (essentially a chapter of a textbook). Culminating Mission Assessments also occur at the end of every mission and, while each is a unique assignment, generally take the form of essays, creative writing, and media presentations. Forum Assessments are activated at preset points over the course of the game, requiring players to respond to a prompt posted by an instructor as well as the replies of their fellow players.  Conspiracy Log Assessments are periodic journal checks of a player’s logbook entries – every clue in the game ends with a discussion prompt that players are encouraged to respond to, and these are reviewed in aggregate by their teachers. Two Semester Exams take place in the game as well, once at the halfway point, and a final exam at the end of the game. These exams contain multiple choice and short answer questions. Finally, the Data Map Assessment is a points-based informational meta-tagging assignment. A three-dimensional ‘mind map,’ each student’s Data Map is composed of the clues they collect. Players must tag each of these clues with descriptive labels which are then sent to their teachers for grading.  Accurate labels grant the player a point and create a floating tag attached to that clue in their Data Map. The reuse of a pre-existing tag will net the player an additional point and form a connection between any clues that already use this tag. Grading on this assessment is based on the number of clues each player has discovered.

Description:  Conspiracy Code is a 3D adventure game that teaches a full course of high school American history. Set in fictional Coverton City, players guide secret agents Libby Whitetree and Eddie Flash as they attempt to unravel a vast conspiracy. The game’s educational material and assessments are seamlessly integrated into its narrative and structured to engage higher-order thinking skills, presenting an innovative and unique learning experience.

Game Engine: unknown

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None