Compound ReactionCompoundReaction


By North Carolina State University

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2008 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Chemical reactions

Goal or Challenge:  Players must escape the biodome by finding all of the reactants, and combining them to form the necessary products.

Primary Audience:  High school and young college students being introduced to chemistry concepts.

Assessment Approach:  Players are graded as they perform the chemical reactions on time and correct placement.  At the end of the level, they are given their score from A to F.

Description:  Compound Reaction is about an astronaut who is forced to make an emergency landing in an abandoned biodome on a forgotten planet when his space ship runs out of fuel.  After exiting his ship, he comes across the Catalyzer – a giant microscope used for combining chemicals together.  He must explore the biodome, searching for reactants, upgrades, and the sad history of the planet’s colonization.

Game Engine:  Unreal 2

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None