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Skills and Ideas Taught:This game is used as a vehicle to enable the capture of stream-based data and record player interactions in real time. These interactions are analyzed from a psychometric perspective and provided in reports so that employers can make decisions on which applicants have suitable levels of cognitive ability to meet the requirements of their vacancy.

Goal or Challenge: The Cognify game suite presents a number of mini-games that challenge player’s mental capacity and various aspects of general intelligence.

Primary Audience: The primary audiences are organizations, HR professional, and recruiters wanting to use innovative technology to solve their selection challenges.

Assessment Approach: Certain low metrics (e.g. correct solution, response times, inactivity, etc.) and combinations of those are correlated against existing measures of psychological construts. Although players are aware at at general level what the assessment is measuring, they do not know how.

Description: Cognify is the next generation of candidate psychometric assessment that uses game design to offer a better assessment experience.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  Windows 10, 8, 7 and Web

Platform: PC; Chrome preferred

Special Hardware:  None