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2010 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Clinical diagnosis and management of a rapidly deteriorating patient.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must successfully stabilize and transfer all the patients while keeping the team efficiently occupied.

Primary Audience:  Healthcare professionals.

Assessment Approach:  Players receive a self assessment by how well they stabilize a patient first, and an objective score second.

Description:  In Clinispace, players select roles such as physician, nurse or other staff member, and meet in their selected virtual medical space to care for virtual patients in a scenario representing a crisis or a routine situation. Players must observe the patient’s vital signs, examine the patient, request labs, and select actions first to stabilize a deteriorating patient and then to determine how to correct the underlying clinical problem. Accuracy, speed, and the patient’s final state all contribute to the score. All actions are recorded for analysis.

Game Engine: Unity3D

Operating System:  Mac OSX (Intel only)/Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None