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2011 Finalist


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Chronopticon helps players understand relationships between movements of the earth, sun, moon, and stars, as well as how their motions relate to the passage of time.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must guide the game heroes, Tim and Moby, from the 19th century back to the present day.

Primary Audience:  Students in grades 5-12.

Assessment Approach:  Chronopticon records the number of tries (up to nine) players take to solve each of the four problems per level.

Description:  Chronopticon is a discovery game in which players must figure out how to use a 19th century time machine. With minimal clues and some conceptual priming from the Chronopticon’s eccentric inventor, players are presented with a steampunk dashboard containing a model of the earth-moon-sun system. Manipulating the physical position of the model’s celestial bodies advances time to a corresponding degree.

Game Engine:  Adobe Flash

Operating System:  Windows (Web delivered)

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None