Checkpoint Recon

By Camber Corporation

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2009 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught: Rules of Engagement (ROE) are in place to justify shoot/no-shoot decisions, protect the crew and minimize collateral damage.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must decision making process involving communication and sensor interpretation issues.

Primary Audience:  US military helicopter pilots who are active duty, in training or retired.

Assessment Approach:  Player receive through cinematic videos “praise” or “scolding” depending on player decisions.  There is a mock awards ceremony for high scores.  After Action Review displays a players score that is based on how well their decisions match the “truth data”.

Description:  Checkpoint Recon is a classroom level, Rules of Engagement (ROE) familiarization training game.  The game features a fictitious city that allows the player to roam freely in an Apache helicopter.  There are scripted vignettes of activity scattered throughout the city that draw the player’s attention.  These scenarios are created to represent the spectrum of encounters that an Apache crew might have to make.  Some characters behavior is obviously hostile while other times the behavior, location and objects possessed by a non-player character (NPC) require the player to exercise “tactical patience” and mark their observations.  When the player determines a hostile action or hostile intent being represented by an NPC he must follow representative ROE guidelines to register his decision to shoot or not shoot.

Game Engine:  Trinigy Vision/Scaleform

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None