Computer Base Corpsman Training System

By US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM)-STTC

Government Category










2009 Best Serious Game Government Category

2009 People’s Choice Award


Skills and Ideas Taught: Medical triage, treatment planning, safety, 9-line evacuation information, management and use of other members of a team..

Goal or Challenge:  Players must keep their people alive and get them evacuated safely.

Primary Audience:  Navy Fleet Marine Force Corpsman trainees.

Assessment Approach:  The player must treat every casualty within the critical period of time keep them live. If the player fails to assess injuries correctly or spends too much time treating one casualty the others can die.

Description:  Computer Based Corpsman Training System (CBCTS) is an immersive medical training environment for the Marine Corps. The corpsman trainee takes on the first person view of a corpsman attached to a Marine squad in Afghanistan. During the mission teammates are wounded and the corpsman must balance triage, treatment, and safety to successfully keep his people alive and prepare them for evacuation. Ending their scenario, they are presented with an After Action Review (AAR) that analyzes and evaluates their decision-making skills.

Game Engine: Object-oriented Graphic Rendering Engine (OGRE3D)

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None