Business Finalists

The following finalists in the Business category are sorted by year and include links to the game’s page on this website and the organization’s home page. Any awards won by the finalist are also listed.

YearGame TitleOrganizationAward
2006Gator SixWILL InteractiveBest Serious Game
2006GAME DIS (GDIS)Research Network IncorporatedPeople’s Choice 2
2006Harpoon 3 ProfessionalAdvanced Gaming Systems
2006Modern Air PowerJohn Tiller Games
2006Point of Attack 2HPS Simulations
2006Steel Beasts ProfessionaleSim GamesPeople’s Choice
2007G.A.M.E.Logistics Services International
2007HuntIRCamber Corporation
2007PeaceMakerImpact Games
2007Ready To WorkCaspian Learning
2007Response ReadyDISTIL Interactive
2007Tactical Combat Casualty CareECS
2007Tactical IraqiTactical Language TrainingBest Serious Game
2007VigilanceHarrington GroupPeople’s Choice
2007Critical Thinking TrainingNovonics Tactical Training Lab
2007Every Soldier a SensoriMEDIA.IT
2007JTAC StrikeEnergid
2008Apache LongbowLogistics Services International
2008Burn Center360EdBusiness
2008Flame-SimHigh Voltage Software
2008Pulse!!Breakaway Games
2008Rome in DangerCaspian Learning
2008Zero HourVirtual Heroes
2009Agent Surefire – InfosecMavi Interactive
2009Checkpoint ReconCamber Corporation
2009DimensionM 2009Tabula Digita
2009Ship Simulator Professional V2.0VSTEP
2009VESSEL Damage Control TrainerBBN TechnologiesBusiness
2010ClinispaceInnovation in Learning, Inc
2010CyberprotectCarney, Inc, SAIC, DOD
2010Marketing 101 – The Principles of MarketingMuzzy LaneBusiness
2010RiggleFishThe VELscience Project & Texas A&M University
2010Virtual Walking the PensForgeFX
2010Attractions Loading GameDisney University
2010Our Worlds of MakriniPIXELearning
2011Agent Surefire – Breach BusterMAVI Interactive, LLC
2011Aircraft Marshalling Virtual TrainerHeartwood, Inc. & Atlantis Systems Eduplus
2011Air Medic Sky OneUniversity Medical Center Utrecht (Holland)Business
2011AmbassadorKTM Advance
2011Eagle-EyeIntific, Inc.
2011FolditUniversity of Washington
2011MIDDWorld OnlineMuzzy Lane
2011Ninja KitchenNew Mexico State University
2011Quality TycoonNorthrop-GrummanPeople’s Choice
2011EPP Operator Maintainer Coursec2 TechnologiesMobile
2011VirulentMorgridge Institute for Research
2011First Person Cultural TrainerUS Army’s TRADOC-TRISAGovernment
2011vMedicARL STTC
2011Vocabulary ChallengeADL Co-Lab
2011Bushudo: The Way of the RadicalMr. Kevin Harris of the University of Wisconsin-MadisonSpecial Emphasis Category: Adaptive Force Training
2011Devil’s AdvocateUniversity of Central Florida
2011Garden DefenseKatelyn Procci from the UCF Retro LabStudent
2011Karnaugh’s ConundrumOld Dominion University
2011Plunder!Full Sail University
2012Agent Surefire – Insider ThreatMAVI Interactive, LLC
2012C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & IdentificationAEgis TechnologiesPeople’s Choice
2012Cyber Awareness ChallengeCarney, Inc, SAIC, DISA
2012Crystal Island – Lost InvestigationNorth Carolina State University
2012DragonBox+WeWantToKnow ASMobile
2012Game Over GopherNew Mexico State University
2012Government in ActionMcGraw-Hill EducationSpecial Emphasis Category: Adaptive Force Training
2012Knowledge QuestMedia Saints 
2012Tunnel TailBest Foundation/Schell Games
2012Virtual AttainRealTime ImmersiveBusiness
2012VisionBreakAway LTD
2013AlgeburstMuzzy LaneStudent’s Choice
2013DoorkickersBlackfoot Studios, LLC
2013Formulation Type MattersBottom-Line Performances, LLC
2013GLIMPSEUniversity of Texas at Dallas
2013HIITSSIMmersion LLC
2013MACBETHUniversity of Oklahoma by Adaptive ForceBusiness
2013Perfect WorldBreakAway Ltd
2013PlatinumathTriad Interactive Media, Inc
2013Practice – Operations ManagementMuzzy Lane
2013TJAGLCS Law of Armed Conflictc2 Technologies
2013The Whitecard GameOztron Media and Victoria University
2014Awareness Combats TraffickingEngineering & Computer Simulations, Inc
2014Combat MedicVirtual Heroes
2014DragonBox ElementsWeWantToKnow AS
2014Far-Plane – Beyond BoundariesTriad Interactive Media, Inc
2014Hungry BirdsDigital Glass LLC
2014Lifting with ScissorsSerious Labs
2014Info Sentinel Travel SecurityMAVI InteractiveBusiness
2014NanocrafterUniversity of Washington Center for Game ScienceSpecial Emphasis Award: Use of Social Media
2014The Radix EndeavorThe Education Arcade
2014Robot FactorySimcoach Games
2014Sound Scoutscmee4 Productions
2014The Underground RailoadMuzzy LaneStudent’s Choice
2015Creature 101Stottler Henke
2015FoFuuuBetri Studio (BIG Winner)
2015Mars GameLockheed Marting Mission Systems & Training
2015Project DesalMonkeystack (SimTecT winner)Business, Mobile
2015Safe Surgery TrainerAlion Science and Technology
2015The SuspectThe Project Factory
2015Touching TritonHudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
2015UnsavoryUniversity of MiamiBest Social Media Crowdsourcing Game
2015WaisimoMAVI Interactive
2016ADAPT-MPDesign Interactive, IncInnovation Award
2016CognifyRevelian (SGSCA winner)
2016EvergreenSiege Sloth Games (SGSCA winner)
2016FRS Virtual TeamFlorida Hospital Nicholson Center
2016NBCOT NavigatorNational Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
2016Night of the Living DebtLearning Games at New Mexico State University
2016Pediatric Vital SignsChildren’s Hospital Los Angeles
2016Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Virtual Training ModeARA Virtual HeroesBusiness
2016Sales CommandDeloitte Center for Immersive Learning
2016SimScientists Food Web GameWestEd and Intelligent Automation, Inc.
2016VetorSupernova Games (BIG Winner)
2017AFLAC TriviaBreakAway Games
2017Games of SalesEI Games LLC
2017Installation Deployment Officer Training SimulationEngineering & Computer Simulations, Inc
2017medRoom AcademymedRoom
2017Planet Jockey Leadership GameEI Games LLC
2017RoboEngineersFilament Games
2017Variant LimitsTriseum
2017Cloud DefenseGronstedt GroupBusiness
2017MyStartUpSimsoft TechnologiesMobile
2017Arte: MecenasTriseumInnovation
2017Martha MadisonSecond Avenue LearningStudent’s Choice
2017Earthlight ArcadeOpaque SpacePeople’s Choice
2018HoloLAB ChampionsSchell GamesBusiness, XR
2018Code of AegisUniversity of Houston – Clear Lake and Tietronix SoftwareStudents’ Choice
2018Gloob RescueDesign Interactive, IncPeople’s Choice
2018AppClinicAdtalem Global Education, Filament Games
2018Fireworks, The Entrepreneurship GameE.I. Games LLC
2018Glidin2Soar Technology, Inc
2018Incident Commander 2BreakAway Games
2018Joko’s WorldCultural Infusion
2018SimInClassSimsoft Technologies
2018SimScientists Ecosystems GamesWestEd and Intelligent Automation, Inc.
2018SimuSurgCmee4 Productions
2018Spark CityGronstedt Group and Walmart
2018Vital SignsClassroom, Inc
2018Vital Signs NursingBreakAway Games
2018Voters EdBreakAway Games
2019Earth-to-Mars: a VR Serious Game for LeadershipeLearning StudiosInnovation Award
2019Get a LifeK20 Center at the University of OklahomaStudents’ Choice
2019VestAid Game SuiteIntelligent Automation, IncXR
2019Swibo TiltSwibo LtdBusiness
2019Community Health NursingBreakAway Games
2019Drone FisherSoar Technology, Inc
2019Fire VRSimSoft Technologies
2019Functions of the MachineK20 Center at the University of Oklahoma
2019Invite Only VRplay4REAL Lab at the Yale Center for Health and Learning Games
2019Liquid MarxUniversity of Applied Science
2019myDriveSchoolDriveschool Enterprises Pty Ltd & GOATi Entertainment
2019Project Azriel Bulletproof Brain TrainingCurriculaworks
2019PTSD Sleep AidIntelligent Automation, Inc, with Univerisity of Central Florida
2019SkydiVRFreefall LLC