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2008 Best Serious Game Business Category


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Triage and resuscitation skills for a mass-scale casualty burn treatment center.

Goal or Challenge:  Players must treat injured patients who are primarily suffering from burn-related injuries. Overall, the goal is to acquire knowledge of the procedures and techniques necessary to treat burn injuries in the wake of a mass-scale burn incident, both on-site and in hospitals.

Primary Audience:  Medical professionals and caregivers, emergency medical technicians, residents, doctors, and nurses.

Assessment Approach:  Burn Center utilizes a reinforcement scheme with both positive and negative events granting the player additional knowledge of how to approach each patient scenario.  Poor player performance is reprimanded by either an emergency medical technician (EMT) in Triage, or a nurse in Resuscitation.  Both the EMT and nurse will praise correct player choices, and spur the player to focus on certain patients who may require critical aid.

Description:  Burn Center is a fast-paced, medically-accurate simulation of mass-scale casualty burn treatment.  Burn Center was developed to help lead the growing trend for electronic recreation of medical procedures and tactics, making the precious understanding of life-saving techniques both attainable and memorable.  Burn Center not only provides an immersive experience of a full-scale, chaotic triage situation, but it also features an extensive resuscitation mode that follows patients in an intensive care unit following a disaster event.

Game Engine:  Flash

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  None