Target Audience: Government Audience

Company: Boecore, LLC

Description: The Battlespace Operational Readiness Game (BORG) is a gamified satellite operations trainer focused on teaching Astrodynamics, Relative Motion, and Orbital Warfare through a highly interactive, hands-on gaming experience. Dedicated lessons provide an interactive learning environment focused on specific Space concepts, while competitive gamified scenarios let you put your space knowledge to the test. Earn points based on your performance and compete with fellow players to have the highest score on the leaderboard and prove your mastery over the Space domain! Visualize, explore, and learn about the fundamentals of Space and satellite operations using the detailed Satellite Maneuvering system. Plan a Target Orbit for your satellite by manipulating its Classical Orbital Elements, then execute a Transfer Maneuver to reach that Target Orbit. Understand how changes in Classical Orbital Elements affect fuel consumption, satellite altitude, speed, orbit shape, and more. Switch between Inertial and Relative frame of reference views to learn about Relative Motion between Space objects and conduct Rendezvous Proximity Operations with other satellites using the Impulsive Maneuver system.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Players learn about Astrodynamics and the six Classical Orbital Elements (COEs) that define a satellite’s orbit by maneuvering satellites with interactive controls that change a satellite’s resulting orbit and transfer trajectory. Players also learn about the Relative Motion between satellites and other Space objects using an interactive Relative Frame of Reference view and impulsive maneuver controls to perform Rendezvous Proximity Operations.

Goal: Learn about Astrodynamics, Satellite Maneuvers, and Relative Motion in interactive Lessons. Compete for the highest scores on the leaderboard by applying knowledge of key Orbital Warfare and Space C2 concepts in Gamified Scenarios. Build intuition around behaviors in Space and real-world Space C2 operational mission situations through repetitive play.

Players engage with various scenarios in “Learn” and “Compete” categories. Completing a series of “Learn” scenarios and a quiz awards a Certificate of Knowledge presentable to a course instructor. “Compete” scenarios score players on knowledge they have learned in the course applied practically by their satellite’s fuel efficiency, accomplishment of various mission objectives (e.g avoiding collisions, taking pictures of nearby satellites), time it takes to complete the mission, and more. Players’ scores are displayed on both a scorecard at the end of a scenario and ranked on an overall leaderboard, fostering healthy competition while expanding learning.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating Systems: Windows 10 / Windows 11

Primary Audience: Government audience, primarily Space Force Guardians. It is used by the National Space Defense Center (NSDC), the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), and others to teach space operators, mission planners, and decision makers the basics of how space works.