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Description: Each year, over two million Americans undergo a coronary event or revascularization procedure, and millions more have a chronic cardiac condition for which Cardiac Rehabilitation is recommended. Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation results in a significant reduction in hospital readmissions and cardiovascular deaths. Despite these clear benefits, Cardiac Rehabilitation is severely underutilized.

Less than 20% of eligible patients will participate in Cardiac Rehabilitation and of those who do participate, only a fraction will complete their entire course of rehabilitation. 

Bionautica Trails is a biometrically driven, interactive experience designed to engage physical therapy patients during treatment via a combination of immersive game-mechanics, stunning visuals, and compelling narrative. Designed to be used during the treadmill portion of therapy, Bionautica Trails enables patients to explore the fictional Whister National Park, where they can complete challenges and uncover the tantalizing history of locations within the park.

By parceling out the story and discovery of secrets over multiple routes, Bionautica Trails encourages patients to complete the full course of their assigned treatment. Bionautica Trails contains six unique courses including four woodland trails, a stand-up paddle boarding experience and a fantasy course that allows patients to walk or run among the stars.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game is primarily intended to increase engagement and motivation during Cardiac Rehabilitation. Bionautica Trails has also been used to provide a complex environment to increase the cognitive load during exercise therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury patients.

Goal or Challenge: To complete as many loops as possible or go the greatest distance possible for a selected trail.

Primary Audience: Patients participating in cardiac rehabilitation are the primary audience although the system has been used during general treadmill based therapies including with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients.

Assessment Approach: Bionautica Trails tracks distance traveled, the player’s heart rate and if they are carrying a weighted pack as part of the experience. Each of these elements factors into a resilience score that is calculated during play. The distance traveled along with their resilience score is presented at end of each route.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System: Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Treadmill, Monitor