Basic Vectoring powered by StrataGem

Category: Business

Company: Rigil

Description: Basic Vectoring teaches the basics of vectoring including fundamental concepts such as turn radius, aircraft performance, and wind effects.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Basic Vectoring starts by basic aircraft vectoring concepts and gradually builds in stages to teach more complex skillsets. Players learn the effects of different variables on aircraft and, once they master their compass rose directions, can start learning proper phrasing and ways to give vectoring commands. They also experience how wind impacts an aircraft’s flight path.

Goal: The goal of the Basic Vectoring game is for players to master vectoring concepts to create a strong foundation of skills to ensure success in higher fidelity training.

Primary Audience: Learners in early stages of air traffic controller school or anyone with an interest in air traffic control.

Assessment Approach: Players are scored based on their performance in each level. Once they reach a certain score threshold, they earn stars, which unlock more challenges and levels. Eventually their score appears on a leaderboard to encourage competition within their cohort. Players receive instant feedback in the form of points each time they master a vectoring command. The game measures accuracy via voice or keystroke recognition and ranks answers.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Android/iOS