We believe that everyone who makes it into the SGS&C finalists group is a winner. They receive free full registrations to the I/ITSEC conference, demonstrate their game throughout the conference in free booth space, and get to sit at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge table during the banquet. But, we also distinguish the best of the best with the following awards:

All Games qualify for:

[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Innovation Award – The Innovation Award aims to recognize innovation in serious games; that is, those games that exhibits a unique characteristic or technique.


[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]People’s Choice Best Game – I/ITSEC attendees will get their say for this award. Ballots are collected until the eve of the last day of I/ITSEC after which “The People have spoken!”


Each Game qualifies in one of these categories:

[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Best Game Business Category – The Business Category is historically the largest and most competitive. This award is judged by our esteemed panel of international evaluators. The winning game earns bragging rights as the Best Business Game.


[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Best Game Student Category – You don’t have to be an athlete to compete intercollegiately. Go up against other top colleges and universities, and network with top-paying employers at I/ITSEC. This award is judged by our esteemed panel of international evaluators and comes with a high-value Grand Prize.


[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Best Game Government Category – Who has the best game ideas: DoD or DHS? US or Australia? Government Category games must be funded or internally developed by non-academic government agencies. International federal, state, and local Governments vie for recognition as the Best Government game, as judged by our esteemed panel of international evaluators.


All mobile Games also qualify for:

[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Best Game Mobile Category – How well does your mobile game deliver in this unique platform? This award recognizes the game that best leverages the mobile environment, and is judged by our esteemed panel of international evaluators.


All Games aimed at teaching middle and high school students:

[dropcap_circle color="ffffff"]√[/dropcap_circle]Students’ Choice Award – This award is for games that address learning needs of middle and high school students (the future working generation) and is judged by the students who play the games.


Click here to see who won last year!

*Awards are announced at a ceremony on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at I/ITSEC
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