Army Fuel Digital Training Environments

Target Audience: Government Audience

Company: Potawatomi Training, Army University, CASCOM

Description: The Army Fuel Digital Training Environment provides a simulation for students to assemble, operate and maintain fueling Systems. The design of Petroleum Supply Specialist as an interactive blended web-based training environment in support that allows the soldier to apply what they have learned in an immersive environment utilizing real world scenarios in support of the Quartermaster (QM)
School of the United States Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM). Our approach is to highlight the importance for educational training philosophy with reach back training for an 92F MOS. So the soldier can transition into his/her first Army position as a competent Petroleum Specialist for both how the Army Solider and the Marine Corp handles field operations

Skills and Ideas Taught: For the learner to perform Terminal Learning Objectives/Enabling Learning Objectives in a gaming setting. Players will familiarize themselves with modeled equipment, learn and memorize step by step procedures involving the equipment and handle real time random equipment and environmental complications
in increased difficulty settings.

Goal: The goal of the Army Fuel Digital Training Environment is to provide real world scenarios that will help reinforce familiarity with Army fueling systems through scaling difficulty game modes. The 92F MOS was developed using extensive 3d modeling, terrains, Animation, Json, and Unity, with each tool providing a unique function within the exercise. The apps were created to support TRADOC’s Army Learning Concept for Training and Education 2020-2040 for the Army Distributed Learning Program to establish a new standard for delivering training to the soldiers.

Primary Audience: Inter-service Training Review Organization (ITRO) students/learners, Active/Reserve Soldiers and Marines, National Guard, MOS 92F10 Petroleum Supply Specialist and 1391 Bulk Fuel Specialist.

Assessment Approach: Players are measured by their proficiency and accuracy in performing tasks as well as the time being used to complete scenarios, both of which are tracked and displayed for the player in real time as well as in a post-scenario summary.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows/iOS/Android, Linux and MaxOS