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By University Medical Center Utrecht

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2011 Best Serious Game Business Category


Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players take on the role of junior doctors and learn teamwork and communication skills while caring for many patients simultaneously.

Goal or Challenge:  Players strive to become Chief aboard Air Medic Sky One, the prestigious flying hospital.

Primary Audience:  Junior doctors, right out of medical school.

Assessment Approach:  Players are judged based on the quality of patient management, patient safety knowledge and mastery of biofeedback.  Biofeedback is measured using a finger sensor device.

Description:  Junior doctors have little knowledge of patient safety issues such as teamwork and communication. They must learn to deal with the stress of being responsible for many patients simultaneously, while effectively communicating with superiors and nurses, sometimes in matters of life and death. The player is member of an elite crew aboard Air Medic Sky One, a flying hospital used for worldwide medical relief missions. The game offers important lessons about patient safety and self-management in an appealing package. A unique feature allows the player to learn to control his/her physiology via breathing exercises using a simple biofeedback device.

Game Engine:  Adobe Director

Operating System:  Windows

Platform:  Personal computer

Special Hardware:  Finger sensor biofeedback device