Agent Surefire: Insider Threat


By MAVI Interactive

Government Category






Skills and Ideas Taught:  Awareness, detection and elimination of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

Goal or Challenge:

  • Discover and categorize cyber security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Stop an on-going cyber breach
  • Catch the hacker(s)

Primary Audience:  US Government employees, Corporate employees, College Students.

Assessment Approach:  Time-stamped behavioral data captured during game play, analyzed against pre-determined indicators. Each training objective has its own detailed evaluation, as well as general profiling of the user’s focus, attention and interest.

Description:Cyber Crime is an ever-evolving threat. Developing skills in identifying and detecting tell-tale signs of breaches help individuals to respond in adaptive ways. Agent Surefire: Insider Threat places the trainee in the position of a skilled inspector in a real-world cyber breach scenario happening in near-real-time. Common threat vectors are mapped to the training objectives while more advanced threat vectors are laced into the scenario, providing a dynamic environment for engaged decision making and hands-on experience. Applied gaming theory and neuroscience of learning provide immersion, repetition, emotional responses and develop critical thinking.

Game Engine: MAVI Serious Game Engine

Operating System:  Web-based and LMS deployment.

Platform: PC

Special Hardware:  None