Aflac Trivia

By BreakAway Games

Business Category

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Description:  The game is structured much like popular mobile trivia games.  It is designed to be engaging so that the contractors who sell Aflac products will play it.  During play the user will be tested on their detailed knowledge of Aflac’s insurance policies, and will learn learn the details they don’t already know.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Details about Aflac’s insurance policies.

Goal or Challenge: The goal is to advance the Aflac duck along a path through Aflac Island, collecting gifts and power-ups along the way.

Primary Audience: Insurance salespersons who are not Aflac employees but sell Aflac products.

Assessment Approach: They progress along a path, achieve scores for correctly answering questions, and receive titles and gifts for their avatar.

Game Engine: Unity

Platform: iOS, Android

Special Hardware:  None