Advanced Haptics Burn Care: Escharotomy

Target Audience: Government Audience

Company: Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS)

Description: Get hands-on with medical training with immersive haptics technologies for trauma and burn care procedures.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Users will learn more about the life saving procedure of an escharotomy as the game walks through the proper way to use specific medical supplies like scalpels, gauze, markers and iodine.

Goal: The goal of Advanced Haptics Burn Care: Escharotomy was to provide users and trainees with a high-fidelity VR integration game by blending state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions to deliver enhanced training to Warfighters and to the broader medical community, and to ultimately, understand how to successfully perform an emergency escharotomy procedure on a full circumferential burn on a lower limb.

Assessment Approach: The system automatically assesses and tracks when the player completes steps and tasks and shows a full list of items needing to be completed. The learner is also presented with an exemplar video at the beginning of the scenario that shows how the real procedure is done on a leg. This allows the learner to complete the training, learn, and practice within the single player mode. When a remote instructor is available, then a teleteaching method can be applied where the instructor can provide additional guidance, learning moments, and assessment throughout and after the scenario.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating Systems: Windows 10

Primary Audience: Adult medical personal who may encounter patients with traumatic burns