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Skills and Ideas Taught: The ADAPT-MP games provide the opportunity for an upper limb amputee to practice the variety of muscle activations that are used to control a myoelectric prosthetic device before receiving their device, decreasing the likelihood of abandonment, and improving their quality of life.

Goal or Challenge: The goal is to improve the user’s skills in performing the muscle activations necessary to control a myoelectric prosthesis.

Primary Audience:  Upper limb amputees, aged 18+

Assessment Approach: There is a training progression that is associated with both increased score as well as improved times in completing the games. Trainees also progress through levels within a game by achieving criterion scoring prior to advancement.

Description: Correct muscle activations are associated with stopping volcanic boulders from hitting the ground in Volcanic Crush, and appropriate dinosaur movements (jump, slide, sprint, bash) in Dino Sprint. Appropriate levels of activation cause the dinosaur to jump and feed in Dino Feast, and allow dinosaurs to be saved from lava in Dino Claw.

Game Engine: Unity 5

Operating System:  Android

Platform: Android tablet with Bluetooth 4.0

Special Hardware:  Thalmic Lab’s Myo armband