ACT-Awareness Combats Trafficking 

By Engineering Computer Simulations Inc


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Skills and Ideas Taught:  ACT aims to educate players in higher order thinking skills and as such, requires the player to engage in complex judgmental skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Since the epidemic of Human Trafficking is growing at an enormous rate, we decided this approach was more valuable because such skills are more likely to be usable in real life situations.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is for our player to correctly identify all red flags in the first episode of ACT. Doing so will unlock a second and third episode that will conclude the first learning module of “Identifying a Situation Where Trafficking is Occurring”.

Primary Audience: The primary audience for this game is middle school and high school teenagers. Preferably 14 – 17 years of age.

Assessment Approach: Each player in ACT is unable to progress to the next game-play scene until all red flag objects have been identified. After each level, the game produces a report that ties each red flag to a learning objective explaining why the object selected is indeed a red flag.

Description: A.C.T (Awareness Combats Trafficking) was designed for “digital natives”, teenagers between 14- 17, who are estimated to spend an average of 53 hours a week on their mobile devices. The game runs on smart phones or tablets and the first installment, Macy’s Story, presents an all too common occurrence where a young girl is tricked into being trafficked by a seemingly legitimate modeling scout. It is the player’s job to identify red flags signifying that Macy may be in trouble, with the help of a trusted police officer and a mutual friend of the player and the victim.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System:  Android

Platform: Android tablet

Special Hardware:  None