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Skills and Ideas Taught:  Cross-Cultural Competence

Goal or Challenge: The goal of each interactive scenario (game) at the end of each mission module is to practice the skills of Cross-Cultural Competence and obtain a score of 90 points or higher. Each interactive scenario is different and employs different techniques so the challenges presented are unique to each game.

Primary Audience:  Joint war-fighters preparing for deployment and travel to countries across the globe.

Assessment Approach: In each scenario, the learner starts with a 100 point score. Points are deducted for wrong decisions and answers to cross-cultural competence knowledge questions. The purpose of the scenarios are to determine if the player has retained the knowledge presented in the lessons and how well they apply their knowledge in real world scenarios.

Description: The Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT) provides training using innovative gaming technologies with interactive video, storytelling scenarios, real-time remediation, and use of avatars to stimulate crucial thinking and learning.Cross-Cultural Competence (3C) is emerging as an important and practicable means for enhancing the ability of units and individuals to perform successfully over the full spectrum of operations.Understanding cultural differences will contribute to mission success -just as failing to grasp cultural variations will contribute to mission failure.This course provides 3C training that is based around the military mission areas of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) and Civil Affairs -Building Rapport, Counterinsurgency Operations,and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief and the civilian missions of Provincial Reconstruction Teams -Planning Medical Missions, AfPak Hands -Coordinating ISAF Projects, and Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW) -Initial Meetings each with its own game called an interactive scenario set in a different region in the world.

Game Engine: HTML 5

Operating System:  iOS and Android

Platform:  Mobile

Special Hardware:  None