The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS’s) Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) Interactive Trainer

By C2 Technologies

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2013 Finalist



Skills and Ideas Taught:  Players learn the principles of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) while in a deployed environment including such skills as operational claims, key leader engagement, self-defense, public affairs and how to respond to a hostile intent or act.

Goal or Challenge:  Players learn to observe the environment and circumstances in a deployed environment and must address relevant legal inquiries as they occur.

Primary Audience:  US Army Judge Advocate General Corps (JAGC), attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators, and unit level soldiers of all military occupational specialties.

Assessment Approach:  During each game event, the player’s interactions with different characters in the environment are dependent on their actions and decisions. Incorrect or less than ideal responses to questions and situations prompt consequential feedback such as angering citizens, hostile acts, and escalating situations. Once each event/level is completed, the player receives a performance summary where they can review each decision and question presented, their response, the correct response, and a recommendation for future situations.

Description:  The LOAC Interactive Trainer is a series of six games designed to teach junior Judge Advocates (JA) legal concepts and principles while on patrol in a deployed environment. Students must navigate the environment, interact with avatars, and solve legal inquiries. The events are interconnected across one patrol, but each addresses its own topic and objectives. The Interactive Trainer is intended to be a teaching tool, allowing students to make incorrect decisions, see consequences for their actions, and later receive guidance. Upon completion, students receive a performance summary where they can review each decision, the correct decision, and a recommendation for better performance.

Game Engine:  Unity

Operating System:  iOS

Platform:  iPad

Special Hardware:  None