With the process starting a bit earlier this year, organizers of the 2023 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) want to be sure that potential contributors to the SGS&C are aware the submission window is closing on Aug. 25.

“This new timeline gives our participants the same amount of time during the submission window, but by opening game submissions this month, we can plan for our down select earlier and allow our finalists to have more time to prepare for I/ITSEC,” said Adelle Adams, IPT industry lead.

What is a down select? Once the submission window closes, all members of the SGS&C IPT evaluate the games that were submitted for consideration, learning about the games, playing them and working together to select the finalist games that have the chance to be a part of the SGS&C booth (#3181) at I/ITSEC.

“We then bring in outside evaluators to continue the process of playing the finalist games and ultimately choosing the best general and government audience games, and best XR (VR/AR/MR) game,” said Adams. “If you’re interested in serving as an evaluator, we would love to talk to you!”

There are two other awards: People’s Choice, which is voted on my I/ITSEC attendees during the conference, and the Students’ Choice, decided by students. The IPT can also award the Innovation Award if they feel strongly that one of the finalist games meets the criteria, which is a game that exhibits a unique characteristic or technique.

Want to learn more about the SGS&C award categories or see who has been the big winners from year to year? Visit our website or contact us at sgschallenge@gmail.com!