2022 Winner (General Audience): Top Derm

Target Audience: General Audience

Company: Level Ex

Description: Top Derm is packed with short, rapid-fire, focused challenge packs, designed to give you a variety of well-rounded dermatology challenges that strengthen both your dermatology knowledge and your ability to visually identify common and rare skin disorders. In addition to challenge packs, Top Derm includes certified CME packs on popular topics such as acne, melanoma, and dermatitis for free
anytime, anywhere.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Recognition, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for a very wide variety of skin conditions and disorders, from those commonly seen in practice to very rare patient cases.

Goal: The goal of Top Derm is to improve the practice of dermatology in the US and throughout the world by engaging directly with dermatologists and making a medical quality resource available to everyone, anywhere in the world, and for free.

Primary Audience: The primary audience for Top Derm is dermatology residents and practicing dermatologists. The secondary audience is medical students and anyone interested in dermatology and the health of their epidermis.

Assessment Approach: As players complete the packs of clinical content the challenge and difficulty levels are increased. Players earn eXP as they successfully complete challenge packs. Individual and pack level scoring is tracked and analyzed and presented to the player in a stats list and a dynamic expertise map rating their play along five key dermatological focus areas.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System(s): Web, iOS, Android