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US Army PEO Aviation Utility Helicopter Project Office UH60

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Description: The Talon game provides instruction on how to operate a thermographic camera (FLIR Talon) during military maneuvers. Also the player has the ability to experience combat related perspectives during a wartime enemy engagement. The player will participate in extracting an injured soldier from a hostile environment, while engaging enemy combatants from different mission profiles/ platforms. This extraction event must take place within a finite timeline that facilitates a maximum survival rate (The Golden Hour).

Skills and Ideas Taught:

  • Troop Movements
  • Unit coordination and communication skills
  • FLIR Familiarization
  • FLIR Startup Procedure
  • MEDEVAC Operations
  • Engaging FLIR Heading Hold
  • Manually tracking Medic with FLIR
  • Hoist Operations
  • Golden Hour Constraint

Goal or Challenge: The goal is to help soldiers understand each friendly battlefield participants function during a medical emergency (9-Line) event. Quality care needs to be provided to injured soldiers within a timeline that facilitates a maximum survival rate (The Golden Hour).

Primary Audience: The target audience is MEDEVAC pilots and crew members, wanting to experience MEDEVAC equipment and training scenarios.

Assessment Approach: Each mission is based on a military scenario, using defined tasks. The player will be evaluated on how well he/she performs these tasks. An after action report/ performance assessment is provided at the completion of each module. It provides a list of the mission’s tasks with a GO/NO GO assessment of the player’s performance.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Detail