Reverse Engineer

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By Orange Technical College

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Description: Reverse Engineer is a Virtual Reality experience where the player takes the role of a mechanical engineer that is tasked with repairing a military vehicle in a timely manner and then send the vehicle on a test run/flight

Skills and Ideas Taught: Having the ability to deconstruct and then reassemble parts of a vehicle brings forth feelings of satisfaction and provides a general idea on how plane propellers work

Goal or Challenge: Repair a military vehicle in a timely manner

Primary Audience: Reverse Engineer is intended for late teens and older audiences due to its purpose in teaching people what it’s like to be a mechanical engineer and get more people interested in the job field.

Assessment Approach: The player receives a report on how they repaired the vehicle and the longer you take to complete the task the lower your score would be

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Oculus