NATO Children and Armed Conflict

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NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT)

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Description: Students are playing the role of NATO forces that are supporting the local Positanian Security Forces (PSF) through a Training, Assist and Advising (TAA) mission on the island of Piccilia.

Skills and Ideas Taught: How to interact with children and local leaders within areas of military conflict

Goal or Challenge: The CAAC-ITE Scenario and Vignettes highlight potential situations military forces may encounter concerning CAAC. Each of these is used to reinforce the lesson that Military forces must constantly monitor the operational environment and report any harmful behaviors observed by or against children, especially when it pertains to the ‘Six Grave Violations’.

Primary Audience: All NATO and NATO-led military operation forces.

Assessment Approach: Students are given a preliminary-quiz to measure preliminary subject knowledge and upon completion students are provided a post-quiz to measure their learning achievements. Additionally, students are provided checks on learning at the conclusion of each of the 5 vignettes to help reinforce the learning objectives.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10, HTC Vive

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: Steam VR