Liquid Marx

Business / Non-Profit Category

By University of Applied Science Trier

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Description: Karl Marx, his theory and its social consequences are a highly political and emotional subject matter. Game mechanics in contrast overstories have the characteristic of de emotionalizing subject matters. Liquid Marx is a serious VR game whose core game mechanic is constructed upon the quantitative economic theory of Karl Marx and uses glasses with liquids as metaphors for the different quantities.The game mechanics are split into two main layers. On the strategic layer the game is about maximizing one of those quantities over a certain period of time. On an operational layer the game is about mixing and managing the glasses representing the different quantities.

Skills and Ideas Taught: The game teaches about the different quantities in Karl-Marx economic theory. Additional side information of the live of Karl Marx is provided.

Goal or Challenge: The goal of the game is to optimize one of the different quantities of Karl Marx theory over a certain amount of production cycles in a virtual factory.

Primary Audience: 18 +

Assessment Approach: The performance of the player in the optimization attempt is compared to the theoretical optimum.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Windows 10

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: HTC Vive