Community Health Nursing

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By BreakAway Games

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Description: Community Health Nursing tests knowledge and fortifies practices for learners in a public health nursing program. The player-student is responsible for investigating the situation and making decisions as a Public Health Nurse in a small, hypothetical U.S. community.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Skills taught are focused on observation, constructive analysis and resource management. The broadest observations are performed through completing the Windshield Survey and using the information gained; whereas more detailed observations are accomplished by surveying and communicating with members of the community and by researching recent news and reports. The resource management  and constructive analysis is performed by the learner when they select topics and related interventions that they feel they can achieve. Through observations, it might be that a learner has uncovered several different topics within the community, but having the learner focus on a topic and its related preventions, they can understand the balance that must be maintained with respect to resources and commitment with community stakeholders and demographic groups.

Goal or Challenge: The challenge is analogous to the real world tasks a Public health nurse performs – observing a community, talking with its members and isolating and addressing public health concerns. The player must follow the guidance from the Community Health Coordinator to successfully analyze the game community, a successful player will:

  • perform windshield surveys to gain firsthand information about the community,
  • interview community members for awareness of the individual’s understanding or commitment to community conditions, health topics and preventions
  • research information in news and reports related to various topics and preventions
  • select a feasible topic to address and select related prevention plans to enact, involving both stakeholders and specific demographics to accomplish the self-selected goals

Primary Audience: University and post-graduate level community health nursing students

Assessment Approach: The player is assessed on how well they perform the processes involved in executing a prevention plan. The instrumented metrics focus on the relationship between player-marked important observations, interviews and news and the player-selected topics and preventions. Additional assessment is directly related to which stakeholders and demographic groups have been selected for a given prevention plan, and how pertinent those stakeholders and groups are to a specific topic or given prevention plan.As another part of the resource management aspect of the game, after a learner commits to a prevention plan, they are permitted to end the scenario if they wish, or continue and observe or build enough community resources to enact additional prevention plans.

Game Engine: Unity

Operating System: Web, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OSX

Platform: PC

Special Hardware: None