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By Cmee4 Productions

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Description: SimuSurg is a mobile app which simulates minimally invasive surgery in an engaging, fun and interactive way. Players navigate through different levels and difficulty ratings in order to hone their precision and accuracy.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Minimally invasive surgery techniques are taught through a variety of gameplay challenges. The virtual operative environment includes dissection, cutting and grasping.

Goal or Challenge: Four levels of surgical scenarios are offered with time challenges and increasing difficulty levels which force players to hone their skills. These challenges range from simple movement to more complex interactions with the various surgical tools.

Primary Audience:  Surgeons

Assessment Approach: Each assessment is timed and records can be achieved on each challenge through completion with the fastest recorded time.

Game Engine: Unity 3D

Operating System: Android, iOS (version 10.x or higher)

Platform: Mobile/Tablet

Special Hardware: None