Fireworks, The Entrepreneurship Game

Business / Non-Profit Category

By E. I. Games LLC

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Description: The player is the founder and CEO of Alpha-Beta games, creating and bringing to market a business simulation game for financial service companies. They must go through the steps of successful design, creation and launch of a startup.

Skills and Ideas Taught: Entrepreneurial skill is taught through this game. Players are exposed to and learn specific business concepts and practices unique to the development of an entrepreneurial endeavor that tracks along the development track of bringing an idea to the marketplace: a rich array of skill practices and concepts are arrayed under the journey of bringing a product to market. These include the entrepreneurial journey, developing the idea, realizing the idea, building the company and finally selling the idea.

Goal or Challenge: The player must successfully develop an entrepreneurial concept, create an organization, build a culture of customer centricity, give it meaning and bring the product successfully to market. They face a sequence of entrepreneurial business scenarios in a 6-part journey. By selecting the optimum answer to the question posed in each scenario, they win “Viability Points”, a measure of the marketplace vitality. When the player reached 80% Viability points, the success of the concept in the marketplaces is realized, after which the company will be successfully sold to Magna Corp for $1 billion!

Primary Audience:  College and university students, mid-level corporate executives, as well as entrepreneurs in incubators and other entrepreneurial development organizations.

Assessment Approach: The game is accompanied with a complete administrator’s portal which provides detail and real-time performance metrics across the entire gameplay. In doing so we can measure both individual performance on a question by question basis and also aggregate an individual’s performance to see and establish patterns. There is immediate feedback in-game in the form of points and leader-boards as well.

Game Engine: Web-based

Operating System: Web

Platform: Current

Special Hardware: None