strike-ground-2-wStrike Group Defender: The Missile Matrix is by the Office of Naval Research and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Strike Group Defender is the US Navy’s first prototype multiple player, game-based software-training program that trains, tests and evaluates navy personnel employment and use of Navy Electronic Warfare tactics and systems in highly contested, increasingly difficult wartime situations.

It employs state-of-the-art technology and methodology from the video gaming and social media industry to provide an architecture and learning ecosystem that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing, cloud deployment, analytics,and behavioral modeling while maintaining the allure of modern media that is focused on young personnel.

strike-ground-3-wThe highlights:

1) It Combines the best technology, science, video gaming and social media industry practices to provide a new learning content ecosystem while maintaining the allure and modern media focused on young personnel

2) Cognitive Focused –Designed for cognitive enhancement, tactical reasoning and adaptive decision-making

3) Extends Navy-training investments beyond bricks and mortar access making it available for personnel whenever and wherever they are connected through cloud, crowdsourcing, big data and analytics.