SoundScoutsLogoSound Scouts is a game played by children to assess their hearing.

The game is played on a mobile tablet with headphones. Parents or caregivers supervise their children playing as the game surreptitiously tests their hearing.

Created in partnership with the National Acoustic Laboratories, Sounds Scouts incorporates several advanced scientific principles that enable it to detect a range of hearing problems. But while Sound Scouts is based on science, it’s the game play that engages the child, helping to secure a valid hearing test result.

Sound Scouts is a playful, mobile solution to provide hearing screening to all children starting school.

SoundScouts_2_wThe highlights:

1. Sound Scouts is a diagnostic game that detects hearing loss in school children

2. Sound Scouts is a mobile game so children in remote locations can have access to a hearing screening test without an audiologist being present.

3. Audiology tests are typically boring whereas Sound Scouts is engaging and surreptitiously tests the children as they participate in a narrative driven game.