Robot-Factory-1Robot Factory is designed to enhance the cognitive performance of high-performing adults whose everyday tasks involve reasoning and problem solving in information rich environments.

The game, played in the context of being a worker drone in a futuristic and dystopian robot factory, was built in collaboration with neuroscientists to engage fundamental cognitive processes that play a crucial role in fluid intelligence.

The uniqueness of Robot Factory lies both in its strong roots in neurocognitive theory and the automata behind the scenes — which provide players with an increasingly complex and compounded combination of different types of cognitive challenges designed to engage and enhance the processes supporting effective reasoning and problem solving.

Robot-Factory-2The highlights:

* Brain game targeted at high-performing adults working in information-rich environments

* Play is in the context of being a worker drone in a futuristic robot factory, making the practice of completing complex cognitive challenges fun.

* Complex automata behind the scenes present the player with a unique combination of cognitive challenges –tasks related to these automata have been designed by neuroscientists to engage the fundamental processes associated with fluid intelligence.