Nanocrafter-HoneyCombScreenShotNanocrafter is a synthetic biology game created to educate and entertain players while advancing science. As players progress through the game, they learn how to utilize DNA strand displacement reactions to construct a variety of mechanisms that will assist them in solving the increasingly complex puzzles.

The game also features open-ended challenge levels, where players can use what they have learned from the game and apply their creativity to build to draw pictures, create imaginative new devices, and eventually see their inventions recreated in the lab.

Thousands of players have already played and submitted hundreds of solutions to challenges.

Nanocrafter-CircuitScreenShotThe highlights:

* Unique puzzle game that challenges players to use pieces of DNA to build nano-scale machines, computers,and devices of their own devising.

* Players learn about the inner workings of DNA biochemistry and the science of synthetic biology as they play.

* Emphasis on creative solutions that can be shared and peer-reviewed, with the best solutions ultimately getting synthesized in the laboratory.