Hungry-Birds-1-Ready-ScreenHungry Birds is a fast-paced game where the player is a bird flying through a forest and has to eat as many moths as possible in 60 seconds.

Flight path is automated, players focus on touching moths resting on trees. Halfway through the game, the trees turn dark (pollution) and suddenly it is easier to see the white moths.

At the end of the game, players see how the pressure to compete (get a high score) forced them to go after the easier-to-see moths, thereby changing the population mix – a demonstration of how natural selection works.

Hungry-Birds-16-Afte-England-ExplanationThe highlights:

1. The game is designed for large touch screens to get players involved.

2. It is self-contained/self-explanatory and requires no introduction or knowledge.

3. Based on solid science, it teaches a difficult biological concept.