Denise-TK. Denise Threlfall, Ph.D. brings more than twenty-seven years of experience in adult education and training to the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge IPT Committee. Her extensive expertise in education is critical for the IPT as she engages each contribution to ensure learning objectives are present and paramount in the games.

Denise is the Principal Solution Architect for Kratos Technology and Training Solutions, focusing on enhancing the performance of Warfighters, teams, and organizations. In addition to serving on the IPT, she has served in various I/ITSEC roles and subcommittees, and currently is the Director of International Programs.

Since 2009, Denise has been on the SGS&C IPT, and served as the Sponsorship Subcommittee Chair in 2010 and 2011. Tying it all together for her and her extensive experience in adult education, Denise’s passion in evaluating each of the games from an immersive learning perspective helps to ensure they align with learning objectives and provide an engaging experience.