mattSpruill2-wMatt Spruill has been an active member of the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge since 2006, both in government and industry roles.  He served as the IPT lead in 2010, and this year continues to serve as the chair of the Evaluation Management Subcommittee, recruiting and managing more than 75 evaluators worldwide.

To Matt, Serious Games are not about first person shooting, they are about first person thinking.  He believes that Serious Games offer the ability to train people to think faster and make more accurate decisions in a complex, dynamic environment – such as what our Warfighters and first responders face today.

Matt Spruill is Engineering & Computer Simulations’ Vice President and Chief Technologist, and runs the Virginia Operation. He has been providing simulations and games for training in government and industry since 1998. In addition to his service to the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, Matt is also the Deputy Chair for the I/ITSEC Simulation Subcommittee, as well as the Chairman of the Board for the Center for Public/Private Partnership (CP3) that works in partnership with NTSA to run the MODSIM World Conference.  When he was the MODSIM Conference Chair in 2009, he championed integrating and highlighting Serious Games into the program and exhibition.

Matt’s commitment to training and education through serious games is evident as he continues to elevate the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.