Ever wish you could own a SGS&C game?  Now you can, and you can even try it out for CID_07free.  AEgis Technologies’ has placed commercial versions of their SGS&C 2012 People’s Choice Winner entry “C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification” in the Apple App Store and Google Play mobile marketplaces.  Combat ID™ Lite is free for download and includes the training garage and one complete level of gameplay.  Three additional levels are available for a nominal fee (99¢) in the full pay to play version of Combat ID™.

The goal of “C-ID Combat Vehicle Detection & Identification” is to prevent soldier fratricide by improving combat vehicle recognition skills.  At this writing, the free Android version had between 500 and 1,000 installs, and the pay Android one had between 10 and 50 purchases.  They might not be raking in big bucks yet, but AEgis Technologies’ is well on their way to establishing themselves in the mobile gaming space!

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